2. I’m glad the blinkumentary got finished and into the hands of blink fans

    oh wait


  3. adsjdslks replied to your post: is it just me or does yelawolf ruin everything

    oh no does it not sound good ? :(

    I don’t like it, I think it doesn’t fit well at all. And I really don’t like his style of rapping. But after a few dozen listens it’ll probably get better.


  4. is it just me or does yelawolf ruin everything


  5. I deem the song

    enjoyably acoustic 


  6. I’ve been wanting to just delete this blog for a while, but every time I “get the urge” I think that someone else will take the url and then make a better hipsterblink182 (which I don’t think is possible, but it could be done).

    Plus since they’re about to release new music, I might revamp it back up to feature the new lyrics. 

    who knows

    y’all don’t care

    I bet I’ll lose followers for posting this

    butt fuck it


  7. New blink and angels & airwaves music announced?  Is it christmas? 


  8. youfeelingthis said: This blog > Everything else. Other than blink-182, of course. ;)


  9. apaquet said: what happened? I miss the regular posts :(

    School happened. I’ll probably come back and make some more, but not until like December or something. In the mean time, I’m always open and willing to take in submissions. But no one cares. The story of this conclusion is that it is the end of my answer, therefor concluding my paragraph.

  10. this is the last one for a while, I’ve got school and shit to tend to


  12. do people still take this blog seriously 


  13. changed the theme and don’t know where the submit button is but I don’t care cause none of y’all submit anyway might as well just off myself thanks a lot adam’s song


  14. nishlo said: check out my blog?